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If you’re an avid festival goer, you know how risky it is to buy pre-owned tickets online. So do we. That’s why we’ve built an easy solution for ticket resale - one that’s safe. By facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers, Howler eliminates the risk of scams, ticket scalping and wasted party tickets (blasphemy!) 

Here's how:

  1. Visit the event page and click on Buy Resale Ticket
  2. Select the ticket you'd like to purchase and enter your details to complete the process
  3. Access your ticket from the Tickets tab
Purchasing a ticket on Resale will incur a small transaction fee.
If there is no "Buy Resale Tickets" button available, it means that the event organiser has not enabled Resale.
Remove your ticket from Resale at any time, if it's still available.

Need help? Contact support@howler.co.za and one of our fantastic support agents will assist you.

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