Promotions - Step by step guide to create & send a campaign (Promo Tools)

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Get started with the Promotions tool feature of the Organiser Portal with this guide.

  1. Visit
  2. Search the organiser by selecting the drop down arrow next to the organiser name.
  3. Click on Promotions to open the Campaigns page as seen below.
  4. To create a new promotion click on the purple button "+ NEW CAMPAIGN"
  5. Choose and type an appropriate descriptive Campaign Name and click the "SAVE" button.
  1. The first container box is to configure the Audience. Here you can add the list of people to whom you want to send this campaign to.

  1. Click on the "+" button to add a new list
  2. Here you can either choose an existing list which has been made previously or you can create a new list. Let us go ahead and create a new list by clicking the "+ NEW LIST" button.
  3. Type a descriptive name for your list which clearly indicates which type of audience the list contains.
  1. The "Filter" fields are used to select certain users based on certain criteria to be added to a list. The current settings are to Filter and add all people who has "Attended Event" and in the "Values" dropdown list you can select the "Event". This will filter and add all who has attended the chosen event.
  1. You can then also continue to filter based on "Ticket Type" of the selected event.
  1. If you have filtered out the specific audience you want to add to your list you can click the "SAVE" button on the right hand corner to save the list.
  2. Here you can now pick the list you want to use in this campaign as your audience. Choose the list you created or from alternatively choose to send to all your customers by clicking the checkbox to the right hand side.
You can also select multiple lists at a time and it will send to all who you have selected.
  1. At the bottom after you have selected your list it will show you the amount of people your campaign will reach and work out the cost of the campaign. Here you can see this campaign will be sent out to 1 person and the cost will be R0.05 per email.
  2. The next container displays the email and name of the Organiser which will be visible to the customer as the campaign sender. Currently this will just display the Name of the organiser and the email of the organiser and cannot be changed.
  1. The next container is where you can customize the "Subject Line" of the campaign which will show in the email "Subject" section.
  1. If you struggle to come up with a good subject line, we got you covered. click on "How do I write a good subject line?" for some great tips.
  1. Click on the "+" sign on the right to create your "Subject Line" and "Preview Text". When you are done filling in the Subject and Preview Text fields you can click the "SAVE" button on the right hand top corner.
  1. The next container is where all the fun stuff happens. This is where you can customize the "Content" of your email campaign. To start, click on the "Open template editor" button.
  2. Welcome to the "Email Editor 1.1". In the below picture, you will see the "Content" tab open with all the different types of content that you can choose to add to your email template.

Here you can customize your email campaign by selecting one of the below "Basic" content blocks and dragging them into the template on the right of this bar.

  1. Or alternatively you can choose the "Premade" content blocks to save some time and use the templates already created. Just browse through the options, find the one you would like to use, click and hold the click and drag the mouse over to the right hand side and drop it in the template block.
  1. The "Structure" tab allows you to change the layout blocks on the template to structure your campaign into different columns etc. To add them, select the one you like and drag and drop it into your template on the right.
You need to first place Structures as they are the containers which determine the layout for your Content Blocks to be placed into.
  1. The "Settings" tab allows you to configure Color Settings, Font Settings and Line Height.
  1. When you have added a content block and you select it in the template the content settings on the left will change to allow you to customize the specific content item you have selected. Below I have selected an image.
  1. If you select a content block item in the template editor it has three different black circles. See the "Button" content block below. The four arrows outward icon on the left hand side is to move the content block around. The dustbin icon on top right corner is to delete the item. The double document icon is to duplicate the item.
  1. You can at any moment preview your email campaign by clicking the "Preview & testing" button at the top left of the template.
  1. Here you can change the view to see how it will display on "Computer screen" or "Phone screen" by toggling the button on top left corner.
  1. If you want to preview the mail campaign in your email you can send a test email by filling in the email in the top right corner and clicking the paper plane icon to send.
  1. You can "Save" any changes made or alternatively when you have completed your campaign template design and you want to send it you can click "Save & Close".
  1. The final step is the click the "Send Now" button in the purple Launch container when you have fully completed configuration and design to send out the campaign to your audience.

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