Setting Up Your Menu

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If you’re an existing vendor, you have the option of copying your menu from previous events. Edit and update this menu by selecting the event and station you’d like to copy it from, or load a new one. 

Here’s how:

  1. Create any categories that may make your operations smoother
    1. Select the + button to add a new category
    2. Enter the category name and select a colour
    3. Click Create to save the category
Create your categories before loading your products to avoid duplicates.
  1. Load your products
    1. Select the + button on the category you’d like to add products to
    2. Enter the name and price of your product
    3. Select the type of product
    4. Confirm whether your product is alcoholic or not
    5. Click Save
Arrange your products alphabetically, by price, or any way that suits you. Drag each product to order them how you’d like.
Select the product to edit or delete it.
Deleting a product after you’ve made sales on it will affect your sales reports. Instead, please ask one of our onsite liaisons to hide your product.

Need help? Please contact our vendor manager at

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