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One of the benefits of using Howler as your ticketing service provider for your event is that we offer full customer support to your customers.

Our team is trained to support your customers with any queries related to their tickets or cashless services.

Please ensure you are including as much detailed information as possible within the event details and description as well as the descriptions of ticket types.
It is encourages to include an additional customer support contact detail for our team to direct customers to for more detailed queries.

Howler Customer Support Hours

Howler's Customer Support is available hours are:

Monday - Friday: 9:00-16:00

Saturday: 9:00-14:00

Sunday: 9:00-12:00

Public Holidays: 9:00-12:00

Our team is based in South Africa and so all available hours are UTC+2.

Our team is available using and +27 83 123 4695.

How does our team support customers

Our team are fully trained to assist with any Howler platform queries. We assist customers with assigning and transferring tickets, completing registration, topups, cashouts, transaction histories, account access and all other queries related to using the Howler platform.

When we cannot assist

The Howler Customer Support team does not always have access to specific details relating to your event.

Please ensure that all possible information is included on your event ticketing page within the event details and description or ticket type description.

Our team can take information from your ticketing page to relay to customers. However, we cannot support with queries we do not have context of.

Some examples of questions we cannot assist with and are often asked are;

  • What is included in a VIP ticket?
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessable?
  • Does Glamping have electricity?
  • Where is parking available?

If this information is available within the event or ticket description, we can easily assist customers.

We recommend including an email address or phone number for customers to contact with these similar queries is included in your event description. With this additional contact information, our team can know exactly where to direct customers with more detailed queries.
If you'd like to give our team any useful and additional information to better support your customers, please contact

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