Howler Backend Active Admin - GTM configuration

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You will need to request access to Active Admin to configure a GTM from the backend. Please contact your account manager or to request account assistant access.

For an overview of Active Admin, please refer to this Help Doc.

This Help Doc explains how to set up Google Analytics Tracking. Below will outline from step 33 in this doc.

Only 1 GTM can be added to an event and 1 GTM can be added to an organiser profile.
  1. Visit the admin portal at
  2. Click 'Events' at the top of the screen
  3. Click 'View' on the event you want to add analytics tracking to
  4. Click "Analytics Settings" or in the "promotion" box.
  1. Paste the Google Tag Manager code (the GTM- code)
  1. Select "update"
  2. Wait a few minutes and your page views will start reflecting in Analytics
For any assistance with GTM configuration, please contact

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