What Is The Teams Feature?

Chloe Wrathmall Updated by Chloe Wrathmall

Participate in a Howler Active event solo, or as a team. Simply choose your start time and team name and let your whole group participate together.

Here's some information on our new Howler Active feature:

  1. This feature is only available for Howler Active Events that have had this feature enabled.
  2. The first person in the team to purchase tickets must create the team, this makes them the team administrator. The Team Admin role can be transferred to another team member later.
  3. If someone else purchases a ticket for you and adds you to their team, you will still need to register and complete your details for the race.
  4. If you are not part of a team, you will be considered a solo entry. You can join or create a team from the tickets tab.
  5. Certain ticket types will be forced to go solo and will not be able to compete as part of a team. These are usually for the competitive categories where you are racing to win and not necessarily as part of a social group.

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