How to drive Online Topups for a Cashless event.

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When your event is going cashless, it's important to communicate the customer journey to customers to create the best possible event experience.

The best event experience is when a customer has topped up their credits ahead of the event and enabled autocashouts.

Customers who topup online are projected to spend more than customers who topup at the event.

It is critical that you include education about the cashless experience in your event information and promotion. You can do this through emails and smses to customers as well as sharing the information on your social media.

Email Campaign

For a cashless event, Howler will initiate an email campaign to drive online topups. 

When Howler is not the primary ticket retailer, we’ll include a draft message outline for you to include in your own email and sms campaign. This will be in English and will need to be translated, designed, scheduled and sent by your own team.

When Howler is the primary ticket retailer, we’ll include up to 3 emails in your package. We'll make use of your captive audience of ticket holders to drive awareness, education and online topups during the week of your event.

Email content will be customised for your event.

Emails will be sent to customers who have not yet topped up. Once a customer has topped up, they will no longer receive emails.
Any additional emails will be charged at R0.05 per contact and smses will be charged at R0.25 per contact. SMSes are only available in South Africa. 

We can send these emails more regularly or your own content to your ticket holders to further drive topups leading up to your event. - Please contact your account manager for assistance.

Social Media

It's important to communicate through all channels to maximise reach of your message.

Wherever you're promoting your event, you should be communicating the cashless messaging to drive awareness, education and topups.

Elements to create social media content can be found here.

Ensure to use the below important messaging and all messaging is directing customers to to dive topups.

Important Messaging

In all messaging, you'll need to educate customers about cashless.

Ensure that all messaging is directing customers to to dive topups.

Important messaging to include in your cashless communication is:

WHY CASHLESS? Traditional money is so 1995. Howler Cashless is the modern, high-tech answer to easy transacting. It eliminates queueing at bars, carrying your wallet around and battling connectivity issues or change. Plus, it's safer - there's way less touching.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Tap and go - it's that simple. You'll receive a unique Howler wristband when you arrive; this is your virtual bank. It's attached to your arm so you can't lose it. After each tap, you'll be shown your remaining credit.

HOW DO I TOPUP? Easy! Online! A pre-loaded ticket means your credit is applied to your wristband at the door, leaving more time for fun. And, if you need more moola in the moment, topup with cash or card at any of Howler's topup stations.

WHAT ABOUT LEFTOVER MONEY? What's yours is yours. Select autocashout to have your unspent credits auto-magically returned to your bank account when cashouts open. Or, after the event, you can visit and cashout your remaining funds. They'll go straight to your bank account in 3 working days.

CASHOUTS will open on Wednesday after the event at 12:00, midday - We'll send an email to remind you.

PRO TIP: Take a photo of the number on the back of your wristband in case it's lost or stolen. Keep your wristband until you have successfully cashed out.

For assistance, please contact your Project Manager

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