Create a QR code linking to your ticketing page

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In many cases, you may want to promote your event using a QR code rather than a link. This can be helpful for physical branding to drive ticket sales as well as signage at the entrance to your event to drive ticket sales online to avoid managing cash at door sales onsite.

Here is an example of signage that can be used onsite to drive online ticket sales.

You can use QR Code Generator online to create a trackable QR Code.

  1. Create an account/Sign in to
You'll need a paid plan to track scans on your QR Code
  1. Select "+ CREATE QR CODE"
  1. Select "website" as your QR Code type and select "Next".
  2. Name your QR Code and enter your event link.
Include the "https://" in our link to ensure accurate tracking.
  1. Customise the style of your QR Code and download the one you like.
  2. You can now use this QR Code in designs that can be used to promote your ticket sales.

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