Howler Backend Active Admin - Create Ticket Types

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You can always create ticket types within the Organiser portal however, in some cases, you may need to create a ticket type in Active Admin to access additional features.

You will need to request access to create promo codes from the backend. Please contact your account manager or to request account assistant access.

For an overview of Active Admin, please refer to this Help Doc.

  1. Navigate to your event settings in Active Admin
  2. Select the "Ticket Types" tab within the "Tickets & Registration" box.
  1. Select "New Ticket Type" in the top right corner.
  2. Complete the ticket type information as the fields require.
  3. Select "Create ticket type"

You will now have a new ticket type created under the "ticket types" tab.

You will now be able to manage additional features such as;

Promo Codes

Unique Registration

Data Capture

Please contact with any questions and support on setting up ticket types.

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