How to get started as a Rep

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  1. To start as a Rep, an Organiser or Rep Manager needs to send you an invitation through Howler via you email.

  1. Select the 'Accept Invitation' button on the email. Your internet browser will open for you to sign up if you do not have a Howler account yet or log in if you do.

    To log in, simply enter your email address and password for your Howler account.
    Select 'Log In'.

    To sign up, enter (create) a password and confirm it.
    Select 'Create My Account'.

  1. If you are signing up, you will have to enter some more details for your account.
    Select 'Continue' once all details have been entered.

  1. Next, create your unique code that will be displayed in the URL for events you are selling tickets for.
    Select 'Finish'.
Note: Please DO NOT use special characters or spaces in your rep code.
  1. You'll automatically be directed to your Rep Dashboard. The dashboard will display your link, tickets sold, total commission (If set up, could be organised differently) and sales information.

    Copy the link and post it to social media or send it around to friends.

    Go to to visit your dashboard and check your sales at any time.

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