Woov Communities

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The Woov app allows you to connect to friends and participate in chats with other event participants.

Community Chats

Within the event, at the bottom of the screen is a community icon.

In the community chats, you can chat with everyone, participate in specific topic conversations or create your own topic to share with everyone.

Remember to keep it clean and safe for everyone.

Invite Friends

Within the event information tab, there is an option to invite your friends. This automatically creates a chat group where you can invite friends that are not yet on the app or friends who are on the app.

These groups will appear in your inbox on the app.

Add Friends

Within your profile on Woov, you'll see your friends list. Within this list is a "+" icon where you can invite existing users as friends based on their name on the app.

Your friends will be able to see your location on the interactive map.

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