How to create an Online Streaming Event

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Create a streaming event

On Howler, you are able to sell tickets to an online stream. This doc will outline how to setup the event to start selling tickets.

  1. Log in or create an account at
  2. Once logged in, create a new event.
  3. Enter your event name & select online streaming.
  4. Add your event information, including your stream URL as pictured below:
Make this URL exclusive by not sharing this anywhere else if you are selling tickets to your stream and require payment to view. If you share this link anywhere else, customers can gain access to it for free.
  1. Change your event appearance to customise various buttons, banners and spaces.
    Find out more here: Event Appearance
  2. Add ticket types and your line up.
  3. You can enable donations for your event to allow customers to donate to you. Follow the instructions here
  4. Edit your event settings, If applicable.
  5. Always preview your event before going live.
  6. Select "Go Live" to start selling tickets.

You can host a stream on multiple platforms to stream through Howler. This is the most basic setup to sell tickets to gain access to a stream. You'll need to manage your stream through the host platform.

For direction on how to setup your live stream on your host platform and finding the stream URL visit this Help Doc.

If you'd like a more complex setup with mutliple streams, zoom rooms and more, contact for a quote.

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