How to host an Online Streamed Event

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  1. Log in or create an account at
  2. Once logged in, create a new event.
  3. Enter your event name & select online streaming.
  4. Add your event information, including your stream URL as pictured below:
  5. Change your event appearance to customise various buttons, banners and spaces.

    Find out more here: Event Appearance
  6. Add ticket types and your line up.
    Adding a free / R0 ticket type, to an online event, will NOT incur a cost per ticket issued / redeemed to the organiser. Ticket types which are sold (not free) will incur normal ticket fees.
  7. You can enable donations for your event to allow customers to donate to you. Follow the instructions here
  8. Edit your event settings, If applicable.
  9. Always preview your event before going live.

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