Booked Out vs Sold Out

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When you’re purchasing tickets for an event with Howler, you might come across tickets that have a “booked out” or “sold out” button. Although both these buttons mean that you aren’t currently able to purchase tickets, there is a difference.

Booked Out

At Howler, we offer a variety of payment options. Customers have a 15 minute period to complete their purchase when paying via credit/debit card. However, customers also have the option to book tickets online and pay in-store within 48 hours. 

When you see “booked out” it means that we’re awaiting payment. If customers fail to make payment within the payment periods, their order will be forfeited – and tickets will become available.

If you're wanting to purchase tickets for an event that is Booked Out, we recommend that you check back for tickets a little later. 

Sold Out

Unfortunately, a “sold out” button means that there are no more tickets available.

Sometimes, event organisers will enable Resale, Howler’s secure reseller platform. This means you’ll be able to purchase pre-owned tickets for this event. If an event has Resale enabled, you’ll see a “Resale” button on the event page. 

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