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Chloe Wrathmall Updated by Chloe Wrathmall

Still waiting on your tickets? Haven't received an email? Don't worry, they'll be somewhere. Plus, there are multiple ways for our support agents to find them.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. First, check your spam/junk email folder

At times, emails may end up in spam due to filters flagging them as suspicious and this may cause you to miss our emails. Please mark our emails as not spam.

  1. Check out the Tickets tab

Login to your Howler account and visit the tickets tab. You'll find any existing tickets listed under your account.

Make sure you used the correct email address. For example, you may have logged in and purchased tickets with your Facebook account, which is a different email to your work email.
If you need to send your ticket to one of your other email addresses, please transfer the ticket.

Still need help? Contact and one of our fantastic support agents will resend your email confirmation or assist you further with your query. 

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