Enable Ticket Resale for your Event

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What is Resale?

Take control of the secondhand ticket market, decrease washout rates and provide the best customer experience with a secure and verified resale platform. By facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers, Howler eliminates the risk of scams, ticket scalping and wasted party tickets.

Customers lists their ticket for sale within a range of the original ticket price - determined by you.

To start using Howler's Ticket Resale Platform for your event, contact clientsupprt@howler.co.za or your account manager to enable this feature.
  1. Contact Howler to enable this feature.
  2. Confirm your ticket price range.
  3. Done. - Customers can now list their tickets on Resale and buy second-hand tickets.

For information on the customer experience, please view these Help Docs.

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