The Vendor Agreement

Howler, is providing a payment system for Howler - Vendor Event that will be the exclusive means of payment at the event - all merchants and vendors at the event must use only this payment system to receive payments from customers.

All parties agree to operate and enact this agreement as per the contract and SLA between Howler and Howler - Vendor Event - herein after referred to as the Merchant, or “you”/“your”.


Event: Howler - Vendor Event

Event organiser: Howler

Merchant/Trader: A vendor at the festival receiving payments from customers using the Howler payment system.

Payment system: The system provided by Howler that will allow payments to be received by merchants at the event.

Point of sales system: a group of authorised devices that deduct South African Rand amounts from customer RFID cards, wristbands or chips.

Howler Guarantees:

Transparency of all transactions executed through the cashless point of sales system

Provisional reports provided within two working days after the event. These include:

Total revenue

Summary breakdown of revenue per product per day

Full transaction history including transactions with date, time and amount (by individual request)

Full and final reports provided within 96 hours after the end of the event.

All equipment to enable you to receive cashless payments at the event.

Any training needed use the point of sales system.

Your Obligations

No other payment method will be accepted for services or goods provided by you. Penalties will apply to those who contravene.

No cash is to be given out to customers at any point during the event. Customers can cashout at a Howler event station, or online after the event.

You must provide Howler with your product list and prices at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

You must allow Howler employees, contractors and agents to enter your premises to the extent that it is reasonably necessary.

You must provide Howler with all the information and assistance we reasonably require to perform our obligations.

You must accept any valid and acceptable RFID card, wristband or chip as a form of payment by supplying goods and/or services at your normal prices. You must not add any additional surcharge to a transaction unless expressly required by law, in which case the surcharge must be included in the total price and not collected separately.

You must take responsibility for all transactions with your customers. This includes payment, customer service and dispute resolution.

Point Of Sales System

The merchant is fully responsible for the Point of Sales equipment supplied. For any damage, theft, loss or non-return of the equipment, an excess of up to R 5 000 will be deducted from the settlement amount, depending on the damage or loss.

You must exclusively use the point of sales system provided by Howler.


Two types of data will be collected from the point of sales equipment:

Data that is personal to the merchant and can identify the merchant (e.g.: total merchant revenue)

Collective data that cannot identify the merchant (e.g.: total spend at the festival)

Data type 1 shall remain completely confidential between Howler, the merchant (you) and the event organiser. Data type 2 may be used by the merchant, Howler or the event organiser for data analysis and may be made public but will never identify the merchant.

Fees and Settlement

The event organiser will apply a merchant fee as per the vendor contract signed with the merchant (you) previously to this agreement.

In case of misuse, loss or severe damage to point of sales equipment, Howler cannot guarantee data recovery. Howler will take any and all reasonable steps to recover data from lost or damaged equipment. However, if transaction data cannot be recovered from damaged or lost point of sales equipment, Howler will not include those transactions in the final report, upon which the event will base its settlement amount.

You must return the equipment no later than 30 minutes after the end of each trading day, or immediately if you stop trading.


Howler will make every effort to ensure that the equipment provided operates as specified and the highest level of service is delivered to all merchants. However, Howler and the event organisers are not liable for any loss or inconvenience you suffer in any way or manner as a result of Howler’s service offering, or any equipment is not capable of normal operation, fails to process information, inaccurately processes information or slowly processes information.

This agreement will  be presented to you during the vendor signup process, before you're able to  begin importing your products.

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