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Within your Woov "Wallet" you can manage your pre-event topups and cashout.

Topup Tickets

Within your "Wallet", your ticket will display your pre-event topped up amount before the event and the latest available balance on your wristband during the event. This balance will indicate when this was last updated.

Latest Available Balance is dependant on network connectivity of the cashless system. This balance may not be 100% accurate if purchases or topups were made after the last update of the balance.
In the case that an event does not have comprehensive connectivity, your latest available balance may not be available and this will remain your total topup amount until cashouts are open.

In your "Wallet" you will be able to view your ticket. To topup your ticket in the app;

  1. Select the "TOPUP" button"
  2. Enter the amount you'd like to topup
  3. Complete your payment details

Once completed, your topup will reflect on your ticket.

If you have topped up before the event has started, your credit will be applied to your wristband when you scan your ticket upon entry to the event.
If you have topped up during an event, head to your nearest topup station at the event to have your credit applied to your wristband.
Online topups during an event are reserved for events with secure and reliable network connection throughout the event.

If online topups are not available, you can always topup at a topup station onsite.

Auto cashout

You can set up autocashouts within your Howler profile to have your leftover funds from an event automatically transferred back to you when cashouts open after an event.

Once you have setup auto cashouts, this will apply to all cashless events that you attend.

If cashouts are already open, you'll need to mannually cashout for your current event before setting up autocashouts for future events.

To set up auto cashouts in Woov;

  1. Within your "Wallet" select the "Cashout" icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the "Setup autocashouts" option in the popup modal at the bottom of the screen
  3. A browser will open within the app where you will need to enter your banking details for cashouts to be paid out to.
  4. Select "Auto Cashout" at the bottom of this page
  5. Select "Save" and you will be directed back to the app.

Once cashouts open after the event, your leftover funds will be automatically transferred to your account.

Manual Cashout

Once cashouts are open, you'll receive a notification to cashout your remaining balance.

  1. Within your "Wallet" select the "Cashout" icon
  2. Your wristband should automatically be paired. If it is not paired, you can enter the UID number found on the back of your wristband.
  3. Select "Cashout" on your wristband
  4. Enter your banking details and select "Cashout"

You will receive an email to confirm your cashout amount. Cashouts will take up to 7 days to reflect in your account.

You can view your transaction history at

Topup amount vs remaining balance

Before an event has started, the amount that you have topped up onto your wristband will display on your ticket.

If there are complimentary credits applied to your wristband, these will not be included in your topup amount on the ticket but will reflect on your wristband once you have scanned your ticket at the event. - This may be credits included in a bundle ticket (Festival access + €200) or credits won in a competition.

During an event, after your ticket has been scanned at the door, this amount on your Woov app may display as your remaining balance. This will display when this was last updated and may not always be 100% accurate as it may take some time to update.

If youre remaining balance says "last update 12:00" and you made a purchase at 12:15, this last purchase will not yet reflect.

Remaining balance is only available at events with strong and dependable network connection.

If network connection is not available, your wallet will always display your online topup amount and your balance will not be updated until after the event.

My Balance is incorrect

Wristband balance on the app may not always be accurate. This balance depends on the network connectivity of your device as well as the Howler Cashless devices at the event.

There may be a device that you've spent money at that may not have updated yet due to connectivity issues. We are working on improvements to the accuracy of your wristband balance on the app but these things take some time.

In the meantime, to find the most accurate balance of your wristband, head to anyone with a Howler device and ask them to check this for you.

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