How to enable donations for your event

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  1. Login to your organiser portal
  2. Navigate to the event for which you want to enable donations
  3. Click on "Edit" (if the event is live)
  4. If the event is not live, just click on the event
  5. Scroll down to the "Donations" panel
  6. Click on "Settings"
  7. Tick the checkbox to enable donations
  8. Add in the "Donations Recipient". We will pre-populate this with your event name but if you are raising funds for someone else or another organisation, you can edit this. This will appear on you donations banner.
  9. Let customers know the reason why you're collecting donations in the "Purpose of Donations" section. This will also appear on your event donations banner.
  10. Set a goal for how much you are aiming to collect. This appears on your event donations banner. If you don't enter an amount, it will display R0.
  11. Scroll down and you will see a "Shareable Link" which you can share with anyone and it will redirect them directly to your donations page.
  12. You will also see a section called "QR CODE". Clicking on this will allow you to download a QR code which you can share with whoever you want and where-ever you want! Scanning the code will take customers to your donations page allowing them to donate to you.

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