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If you’re not included in the target audience of your event, you’re not alone. Many organisers aren’t. Sure, marketing becomes a lot more efficient when you know exactly what your customers like, dislike and how to reach them – but there are other ways of reaching groups that you’re not part of. 

Need an example? Rage Festival. One of Rage’s annual challenges is ensuring they’re keeping up with the same trends that high-schoolers are. No easy feat. But they manage, and they manage well. How? With Rage agents – also known as “ragents.”

With Howler, you can do the same using our dedicated rep feature. This means you’re able to assign rep roles to specific people for your event. You get access to their unique network and they get commission from ticket sales. It’s a win-win. 

As an organiser, you can add Ticket Reps to your event to sell tickets for your event using their Rep Link. Howler will track how many tickets are sold through their Rep Link and what the commission on those tickets should be.

Adding Ticket Reps and Rep Managers

People with account assistant or account manager access to the Howler backend, Active Admin will be able to add Rep Managers, Ticket Reps and manage commission.

Contact clientsupport@howler.co.za or your account manager to add Rep Managers and Ticket Reps to your event.

We'll need to know the email address of each Rep Manager and the commission split for Reps and Rep Managers.

Rep Managers are able to add Reps from their Rep Dashboard.

Rep Managers and Reps will receive an invitation email and will need to setup their Rep Profile.

They'll be able to monitor their sales on their Rep Dashboard.

You will be able to access your Rep Report on the organiser portal under the "Overview" tab to monitor Rep Sales and commission.

Howler does not pay Reps their commission. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to pay their Rep commission after the event is wrapped up.
For assistance, please contact clientsupport@howler.co.za

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