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A cashless event can take up to 3 business days to reconcile data and finances.

After the conclusion of a cashless event, you'll be able to access your sales reports on the Vendor Portal where your menus were loaded.

This report is subject to change until final settlement is made. Your final settlement report will be emailed to you once your final settlement has been processed. 

These reports reflect your total sales and not your settlement amount. Your settlement amount will be your total sales, less any fees deducted on behalf of the event organisers.
  1. Login to the Vendor Portal.
  2. Select "past" to view past events
  1. Select "view report" on the event you'd like to view the report for.

You'll see the option to open your report in a new tab or you can scroll within the box to view your full report.

Within this report, you'll see the total sales for the station (total sales value), total quantity for the station (Quantity of all products) and the average transaction value across the top of the report.

There is then a pie chart that displays the different products sold and a revenue by hour graph.

The report breaks down your sales per day of each product, a summary of all products sold and a summary by operator and by device. An operator is a unique device login. If you have multiple devices or operator tags at the event, these will show as different operators.

These reports can help you to understand your most popular products and times at events to plan stock and staff for your next event.
For any assistance with Vendor Portal reporting, please contact

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