What is Event Protect?

Event protect is our preferred event insurance partner. We really like their product offering and hence have decided to offer their services to event organizers as a value add that event organizers can opt in for when using our platform.

When you enable event protect, you may either pass on the fee to your customers, in which case an additional 1% will be charged to your customers as a separate line item, however if you decide to absorb the cost yourself, 1% of your ticket sales will be automatically deducted to cover the cost of the service.

When enabled a the event protect disclaimer will automatically appear across multiple locations in your ticket purchasing process to let your customers know the event is Insured by Event Protect.

In the event that the event your gets cancelled, you can submit a claim with the insurers by visiting www.eventprotect.co. If the insurers do payout the claim, all ticket buyers will receive an email with instructions on how to go about claiming their refunds.

To see the full event protect policy and learn more about how Event Protect can help you as an Event Organizer, click here

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