Damaged cards/wristbands

If your card/wristband is damaged simply visit any Howler event station and request a replacement. The manager will be able to move any credits from the faulty card/wirstband, over to the new card/wr…

Updated 1 month ago

Lost cards/wristbands

During the event. You need to treat your card or wristband like cash. If you lose it, you will need to request a new one and topup again. Any remaining credits from your previous card or wristband wi…

Updated 1 month ago


While you can’t use two cards or wristbands on one transaction, you can load one card or wristband with credits for both/all of you.

Updated 1 month ago

Balance Enquiry

Always ask for the total of your purchase, before you are charged. Immediately after every transaction, the reader will indicate your remaining balance. Always ask the bartender or cashier to show yo…

Updated 1 month ago

Transaction History

If you'd like to view your transactions during an event , visit a Howler event station and the staff will be able to show you your most recent transactions. If you'd like to view your transactions of…

Hugo Dorfling
Updated 1 month ago by Hugo Dorfling

Something wrong at the event?

You can visit any Howler topup station and the manager will be able to refund you any incorrectly charged amount, as well as applying any online topups which have not reflected. Larger events will ha…

Updated 1 month ago

Using at Multiple Events

Unfortunately, you can only use your Howler card at the event at which it was issued. Our team is hard at work identifying a solution to allow you to use this across multiple events.

Updated 1 month ago

Cashout Not Received

Cashouts are processed by PayAccsys and will reflect on your bank statment with a reference including HOWLER- or Payaccsys. Cashouts can take 2-4 working days to reflect in your account, please give…

Christopher Honey
Updated 1 month ago by Christopher Honey

Late Cashouts

Simply contact our support team on, and one of our support agents will be more than happy to help you get your money back! It is yours after all. Late cashouts do not follow standar…

Updated 1 month ago

Auto Cashout

Auto Cashout allows us to automatically cashout any leftover funds from your card or wristband, once cashouts become available. If you haven't yet, sign up for an account at On the s…

Updated 1 month ago

Invalid Banking Details

Howler validates banking details with BankServ, the central banking infrastructure in South Africa. Make sure to enter an account number, and not a credit card number. We cannot process payments to a…

Updated 1 month ago