Adding Products

  1. Once you’ve set up your profile, you’ll be able to select the ‘Products’ tab to start setting up your products. This list of products is every product you could potentially sell at any event. Once you have created your products you will need to import them to an event in order to use them. This is explained .
  2. The prices you set here will be the default price for your products. However, you will be able to set a custom event price for your products when you add them to your event station. This price will only affect that one station, this is useful if two stations are selling the same product, but at different prices (for example, in a promotion). It is also useful if you usually sell your products at one price, but will be selling them at a higher or lower price for just one event. If you change the name of a product in the products list, it will affect every station which sells this product.
  3. Remember, you can increase your prices to cover the costs of any fees charged to you by the event organiser for the use of the Howler point of sales system
Please Note, once you have added your products, it does not mean that you're event ready. You still need to read and accept the vendor agreement as well as Import your products into the event.

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