Instant EFT

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Be sure to complete your ticket purchases before the timer in the top right hand corner runs  out in order to prevent your reservation from expiring! 
Instant EFT is only supported by South African banks, for South African customers. International customers should use the Credit Card option instead.
  1. Select Instant EFT as your payment method   
  2. Please don't close your browser while the payment is loading - sometimes things take a little long when negotiating with your bank.
    After selecting your bank, you'll be presented with a pop up that give you step by step instructions on how to make your payment.

    Your online banking login details are transmitted over a secure HTTPS connection by our payments partner, EFTSecure. Your online banking login details are never saved.
  3. Please DO NOT make EFT payment from your normal internet banking profile. Payments made without using our automated platform will not be matched and your tickets will not be issued.
    Once you have completed the payment, your tickets will be issued. If you click the download icon on your ticket, it will download immediately. Alternatively, you can navigate to your Wallet at any time, where you'll be able to see and download all of your tickets.
  4. We'll also email you your tickets, just to be absolutely certain you've got what you paid for! If you can't find your email, be sure to check your junk/promotions folders or search for emails from

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