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I’ve logged in to Howler but can’t see any tickets. 

If your companion bought your event ticket, please ask them to transfer the ticket to your DICE account (FAQs). If they have already transferred the ticket to you but you still can’t see your ticket in your Howler account, please check that your email address has been entered correctly. Simply contact DICE’s support desk to correct an incorrect email address, then check your Howler account. 

I’ve transferred my tickets in DICE but it’s still showing multiple tickets in my Howler account. 

It can take up to 30 minutes for any Dice purchases or transfers to reflect on Howler. If you've recently bought or transferred a ticket on Dice, please wait up to 30 minutes before refreshing the page or contacting support.

I have two tickets in my account but one is for my companion. 

For security purposes, each ticket needs to be assigned to the person who will be using it to be able to top up. Please transfer the ticket that your companion will be using to their DICE Account (FAQs). They will be able to access their ticket through their Howler profile. 

I have tickets for different days. Do I need to top up both tickets?

Top-ups will be applied to your wristband on arrival. If you intend on using the same wristband throughout the weekend, you can top up one ticket. However, if you’d like to remove your wristband and put a new one on for day 2, you will need to top up both tickets. You can always top up at the event if your credit runs low and refund any remaining credits. Always keep your wristbands safe to ensure an easy refund.

If I topup a ticket for one day, can I use my wristband for another day?

You can use your Friday wristband for payments on Saturday, however it will not grant you access to the venue. You still need to bring your ticket to be scanned. 

I have multiple tickets in my Howler account but can only topup one. 

For security purposes, each ticket needs to be assigned to the person who will be using it. This means that only one ticket type (eg a Saturday ticket) per account is able to be topped up. Please transfer the ticket to the email address of the person who will be using it. 

I missed the time to topup online.

No problem! You can topup at any of the nearby topup stations at the event using cash or card.

How do I topup during the event?

Visit a nearby topup station at the event and topup using cash or card. 

How do I get my leftover balance?

What’s yours is yours! You’re able to claim your leftover funds after the event by visiting and clicking the CASHOUT button. Link your wristband and fill in your UID number to have your remaining balance paid back into your bank account. 

Where can I see my transaction history?

Easy! Online! Visit and select the wristband you’d like to view the transaction history of. Click the view transaction history button to view your transaction history. 

Questions? Contact and one of our fantastic support agents will assist you. 

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