Downloading Tickets

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Downloading Tickets

To enter an event, you need to download your digital ticket so that it can be scanned at the entrance. Each person needs to download their own ticket through their Howler profile. If you’ve purchased multiple tickets for other people, please assign or transfer each ticket to the person who will be using it.

Sometimes, event organizers allow all tickets in an order to be downloaded by one person. This means the person who purchased the tickets can download the entire order via the orders tab

Here's how:

  1. Step 1: 

Login to using your Howler account email address and click on the tickets tab at the top of the page.

  1. Step 2:

See your ticket? Click the download button or click the three dots on the right hand side of your ticket and select the download option. 

  1. Step 3:

A PDF document containing your digital ticket and barcode will begin to download. Use this to gain entry at the event by storing it somewhere safe or screenshotting it.

Heads up! Before tickets are available to download, they each need to be assigned to a unique email address. 
Can’t download your ticket? You might need to complete your profile or register your ticket. 
To complete your profile, visit
To register your ticket, visit

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