Frequently Asked Questions About Resale

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Why can't I resell my ticket on Howler?

For some events, Resale is not an option. This is because the use of Resale is determined by event organisers and can be turned off at any time. If there’s no “sell ticket” or “buy on Resale” option available, it means that Resale has not been turned on yet or the event organiser has opted not to enable it.

You cannot yet resell tickets that were not bought on the Howler platform. - Watch this space.

How long it take to get my money?

Once your ticket has been sold, payment will reflect in your bank account within 5-14 business days.

I entered the incorrect banking details. Now what?

If your bank details are entered incorrectly, you’ll need to remove your ticket from Resale and relist it with the correct details. If you haven’t received your funds within 14 days, please contact customer support and one of our agents will assist you.

What are the fees for buying and selling tickets on Howler Resale?

Buying and selling tickets will incur a small fee set by the event organiser. The fees go towards paying for banking and administration charges involved with facilitating sales. The fee is split equally between seller and buyer.

Can I edit my Resale ticket price?

While there is no current option to edit your ticket price on a listed Resale ticket, you can remove it from Resale and re-list it with your desired price.

Where can Resale tickets be purchased?

You can purchase Resale tickets for the event you’d like to attend through the event’s original ticket page where you will find a “buy resale ticket” option.

What payment options are available to purchase tickets?

All the usual payment options are available, except payment plans and instore payments such as LayUp and Pay@.

Can I list multiple tickets on Howler Resale?

No, it is only possible to list one ticket at a time on Resale. This is to prevent ticket scalping.

Why does it take up to 17 minutes to remove my ticket from Resale?

Buyers have up to 17 minutes to complete a purchase on Howler. If your ticket is in someone’s shopping cart, you will have to wait until they complete the purchase or discard it before you receive your ticket back

Can I list a non-Howler ticket on Resale?

Currently, only tickets for events listed on Howler are eligible for Resale.

What if my ticket is not sold?

In the event that your ticket is not sold, you can remove it from Resale and list it again at a lower price or transfer it to a friend. Resale may be closed prior to or during an event at the discretion of the event organiser.

Can I list my complimentary ticket on Resale?

Although complimentary tickets are transferable, you won’t be able to list them on Resale as these tickets are not allocated a value.

What happens to my refund terms if I sell my ticket?

Your upgraded refund terms apply to your ticket only. If you sell your ticket, the new owner will not receive the upgraded refund terms. There are no refunds for upgrades. 

However, as long as your ticket has not been sold, your upgraded refund terms will still apply. 

Find the upgraded refund terms here.

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