Ticket Type Statuses

Booked out simply means all available tickets are stuck in reservation. We reserve orders for 17 minutes, once the 17 minutes pass if the payments have failed or the order expires the tickets that were reserved go back on sale at which point more tickets become available.

When an event is sold out - it means all the tickets have been paid for and the chances of more tickets becoming available is remote. However if an organizer decides to up the capacity of the event, or if some people request refunds more tickets may become available so all hope is not lost. You just need to keep checking the ticket page occasionally to see if more tickets become available.

When you see the Coming Soon tag on a ticket it means the event organiser has specified a time for that ticket type to go on sale in the organiser portal. Our customer support team are unable however to give out these details. If you'd like to find out when the tickets will go on sale, we suggest you ask the organizer by either messaging them via Facebook or posting on the event page.

Not Registered means that a ticket requires your email address to be on a registration list in order to purchase. You will need to make sure that you are logged in with the same email address used to register.

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