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I topped up online. Now what?

Your credit will be applied to your wristband on arrival at Azkena. Simply scan your ticket at the entrance and receive a fully loaded wristband. Tap your wristband to transact – it’s that easy! If you need to load more funds on your wristband, simply visit one of the nearby topup stations or do it online.

My barcode number isn’t linking my ticket to my Howler profile.

Don’t worry, you’re still able to topup your wristband at the event. Simply head to any of the nearby topup stations inside Azkena and topup your wristband using cash or card. 

I missed the time to topup online.

No problem! You can topup at any of the nearby topup stations at the event using cash or card.

How do I topup during the event?

Visit any of the nearby topup stations at the event and topup using cash or card, or topup online by visiting the tickets tab in your Howler profile and topping up your Azkena ticket. 

How do I enable autocashouts?

Get your leftover funds paid back automatically into your account after Azkena by filling in your bank details and enabling autocashouts in your Howler account.  

What does linking a ticket to my profile mean?

Linking a ticket means that you pair a ticket to your account so you can receive the left over credits back to your bank account after the event.

How do I refund my leftover balance?

What’s yours is yours! You’re able to claim your leftover funds after the event by visiting and clicking the CASHOUT button. Link your wristband and fill in your UID number to have your remaining balance paid back into your bank account. 

Where can I see my transaction history?

Easy! Online! Visit and select the wristband you’d like to view the transaction history of. Click the view transaction history button to view your transaction history. 

Questions? Contact and one of our fantastic support agents will assist you. 

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