Transferring Tickets

How do I transfer my ticket? 

You can request your ticket to be transferred by emailing with your current ticket barcode, and the email address you would like it transferred to. 

How do ticket transfers work? 

Transferring tickets allows you to securely send some or all of your tickets someone else. When you transfer a ticket the existing ticket is cancelled, and a new ticket will be issued to the email address specified - this prevents the unauthorised duplicate use of tickets. Both the original and new ticket holders will receive an email upon transfer of tickets to prevent unauthorised tickets.

Can I transfer tickets for any event?

You can transfer tickets for most events, but some events may have rules and restrictions and may not allow tickets to be transferred. Check out the event page for more information with regards to transfers.

Is there a limit on how many times a ticket can be transferred?

No. Tickets can be transferred an unlimited number of times.

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